About The Event

Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride Day is a one-day public event celebrating fellowship, promoting tolerance, and educating the local community about Paganism. It has been held annually since 2000 and features workshops, entertainers, and vendors in a street-fair-style atmosphere.

Workshop Schedule
12:00pm: Event Opens - Peace Park
12:45pm: Cat Kelley - Area 1
1:45pm: Susan Stoddard - Area 2
2:00pm: Velane Hazard - Area 1
2:45pm: Jeff Felty - Area 1
3:45pm: Wendy Martin - Area 1
4:45pm: Jason Cook - Area 1

Entertainment Schedule: All Events At Stage
12:15pm: Opening Ritual
1:00pm: Elvendrums
1:45pm: Highland Games
2:30pm: Elvendrums
3:15pm: Pagan Dance Party
4:00pm: Open Drumming
4:45pm: Highland Games
5:30pm: Elvendrums
6:15pm: Veterans Honoring Ritual


We strive to provide high-quality entertainment and workshops so you can enjoy your experience at MMPP and learn something new while you're at it!

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Our vendors feature a wide range of religious supplies, books, and gifts. Interspersed throughout, you'll find information tables for Pagan-friendly nonprofits in our community.

  • 6 Presenters
  • 1 Entertainer
  • 6 Workshops
  • 33 Vendors
  • 300+ Participants

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We're always in need of volunteers to help us put on this special event for our community. If you'd like to help,
drop us a line!