Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride - August 30, 2015

Peace Park at Elm and 7th - Columbia, MO on Mizzou Campus

Count Down to Pagan Pride Day!

Pagan Pride Day in Columbia, Missouri is coming up. We are less than two months out. It has been an amazing journey. With some amazing people. We have special guests coming in from out of state including Beltanna Spellsinger! Beltanna has performed for many festivals, including the recently rained out PSG. You can check some of her work out here. Additionally, we have author Shauna Aura Knight coming to give workshops. We have much more. Stay tuned as we work on updating our website with all of the latest information.

Columbia Faith and Values E-Zine did a focus piece in 2013 Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride Day 2013. Over the years there have been many articles written about us.

Get Involved!Calling all volunteers!

We are always looking for volunteers throughout the year: before, during, and after Pagan Pride Day. Volunteers help us with all sorts of things, from flyer distribution and post-event clean up to website maintenance and fund-raising! It's an excellent way to put some service hours into your community, meet new people, and gain valuable skills. Interested? Drop us a line via email!