Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride

Upcoming Events

A few times a year, Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride hosts divination booths at area events. Volunteers skilled in palmistry, tarot, runes, and more give readings in exchange for donations to Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride. Most of our readers do not take regular clients, so these divination booths are the only times that you can get readings from them! Are you interested in sponsoring a divination booth for your event? We can arrange some dates with our readers to come to your event. Interested? Drop us a line via email!

Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride also holds several fundraisers throughout the year.

Stay Tuned! We will be out and about!

We were at Columbia Area Earth Day and St. Louis Pagan Picnic and we'll be around at other community events between now and Pagan Pride Day!

Come back and check out our page for the latest event that we will be located in.