Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride

Community Resources

There are a variety of resources available to those looking to learn more about paganism, meet new people, and connect with the vibrant pagan community here in Mid-Missouri. Here are just a few of them!

Hearthfires: The Mid-Missouri Pagan Spiritual Alliance

Hearthfires hosts weekly discussion groups in Columbia. It developed out of a university pagan student organization and has been going strong since 1998. Their website contains a wealth of information, as well as articles and essays from local contributors.


The Chancellor's Diversity Initiative sponsors MizzouDiversity, which is the hub for information and events on and around campus. Check out their upcoming events page and the communities resource guide. Many University-sponsored events are open to the public!

Oak Spirit Sanctuary

Formerly known as Ozark Avalon Church of Nature and first incorporated in 1997, Oak Spirit Sanctuary provides a place for practitioners of good will to practice their religion in the open air. It holds lunar events, solar festivals, and informational classes. Located between Columbia and Boonville, it is a beautiful and historic property. Check out their calendar for the latest events.

Holts Summit Witches & Pagans

Formed in 2010, Holts Summit Witches & Pagans is an eclectic learning and service group meeting in Holts Summit and serving the surrounding communities including Columbia and Jefferson City. Their core values are diversity, acceptance, and respect, and they are welcoming of various paths which fall under the ‘pagan’ and ‘earth-based’ umbrella. For more information, visit their website, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or contact them by email.