Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride


"Cultural Diversity Within the Pagan Spectrum!"

Time Location Title Description
12:00 PM Fire Pit Opening Ritual Join the Conclave of the Craft as we open the event with community in a Eclectic Wiccan Ritual.
12:30 PM Stage Story Time with Lyon Join award winning author W. Lyon Martin as she reads her most recent children's book. Bring your children of all ages.
1:00 PM Work Shop Pavilion Native Totem Animal Guided Meditation by Athena Bettorf Native Americans believe that animals deliver messages pertinent to circumstances in our lives. Every person also has a special animal known as a totem with which they share personality traits. Understanding your personal totem animal will help you to better understand yourself and the choices you make in life. Join Athena Bettorf for a drumming guided mediation to discover your personal animal totem followed by a discussion to understand the totem animal that presents itself to you during the meditation.

Athena Bettorf (affectionately known as Meemaw) has been studying the Red Path and her Native American heritage for more than 2 decades. She has been facilitating a monthly Native Drum Circle for almost 3 years. Athena has also been involved with the Pagan community for 8 years offering her guidance in the form of workshops for various organizations. Currently Athena is the President of CDDB Community Charity which provides assistance to members of the Greater St. Louis Pagan Community in times of health crises and financial instability. CDDB hosts fundraising events throughout the year. For more information and a full schedule, visit us online.

1:00 PM Stage Open Drumming Bring your Drum - The stage is open for all comers community drum circle.
2:00 PM Stage Pippa and the Strawman Join the rhythm and sounds of this original funky hillbilly Americana band.
2:45 PM Work Shop Pavilion Cultural Diversity-What to Know When Starting an Event or Group Charlynn Walls is the CEO and President of CEM which oversees Witch School International. She is an active member of the St. Louis Pagan Community. Charlynn holds a B.A. in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology. Driven toward community service, she served on the Pagan Picnic Committee for over 10 years and now speaks and conducts workshops across the state. She has a blog Sage Offerings and continues writing through articles for Witches & Pagans Magazine, Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac, Witches’ Companion, & Spell-A-Day Almanac. Charlynn resides with her family in Central Missouri.
3:00 PM Stage OPEN MIC Can you sing? Want to recite poetry? This is your chance, sign up for our Open Mic.
3:45 PM Work Shop Pavilion Grounding and Cantering and Importance to Magickal Practice Lady Sherry Cooper is the Executive Director of Witch School International. As a small child, she believed that there was more to life than what was presented to her on the surface. It was this thirst for truth the led her to discover Paganism, and to become a student of Witch School International. It is her goal to share her knowledge, and to help others find the resources to learn and grow magickally.
4:00 PM Stage Pagan Dance Party Spiritual movement to amazing Pagan music to feed the soul.
6:00 PM Fire Closing Ritual Lets come together and give thanks for an amazing day.
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