Jeff Hooded Wanderer Felty will present "Hidden Knowledge in Old Northern European Myths: The Importance of Women in Pre-Christian Europe": Many of the stories about the Norse gods, goddesses, and even the heroes are told from the man’s point of view. The goddesses and the everyday women tend to be left out. He will break some of these stories down and share the hidden knowledge about the goddesses, valkyries, and the everyday women in the lore.

For almost three and a half decades, Jeff has studied Native American traditions and Daoism. The last fifteen years, he has studied the pre-Christian folkways of Northern Europe; discovering and working with their Shamanic traditions and Spa craft brought a clarity to the other traditions he had studied. His focus for the last nine years has been on researching and writing on the Northern European spiritual traditions. He shares the results of my work, through writing blogs, spreading Northern European mythology by telling the traditional stories, as well as teaching workshops and classes. He is also the co-owner of Modern American Shamanism along with his wife Crow Spirit.

Susan Stoddard will present "CoMo Plant Lore": An introduction to the plants which populate the parks, yards and under developed areas of Columbia, Missouri. Identification of the Native American plant profile, introduced European, Asian, and African species with emphasis on those which have medicinal or culinary uses. All native cultures possess an “etiquette” in regard to their relationship to plants. Discussion of these rules in the context of the culture associated with specific plants provided along with additional information on developing a deeper personal, emotional, spiritual relationship with plants. For more information contact: or Susan Stoddard on Facebook.

Susan is an herbalist, writer and educator with over 25 years experience in leading plant-based environmental exploration. An associate researcher with the Pea Ridge wilderness management project in Cannon County, Tennessee, she assisted in the identification of 5 undiscovered North American plant species. An avid student of Native American food and plant technologies, she conducts workshops on a wide range of topics, including food harvesting and preparation techniques, Native American agricultural systems and their residual environmental imprints, as well as guided meditations and explorations of oral tradition plant lore.

Velane Hazard will present "The Worship of Diana": Diana is the Roman goddess of the hunt and she is a eternal maiden. In the worship of Diana, we the temple maidens look to find balance in the wild world and not in men. This same goddess has been worshiped all over the world and throughout time by many different names. Many of the core beliefs are based in educating women to be strong powerful leaders and to expand on there natural born skills. The magic and mystery of Diana have been kept by her temple hands into the modern age.

Velane is a energetic light worker who has been studying magical arts for more than 15 years. One foot in the multi-verse flow and one in this world, she stands ready to light the path for any who are in great need. She is from Columba, MO, and has been a part of the magical communities in San Diego, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Kirksville, MO; and the otherworld.

Sifu Jason Cook will present "Personal Energy for Physical Self Defense": Join Sifu Jason Cook of Shaolin Black Dragon Kung Fu for a workshop on using your personal energy for physical self defense. We will cover basics of energy work, how to ground your energy, and more.

Wendy Martin will present "Color With Intention": There’s no denying that coloring is fun and relaxing, but it can also be magical, literally. Add a few esoteric elements, timing and intention to turn ANY coloring page into a magical tool.

Cat will present "Temple of Witchcraft": An overview of Christopher Penczak's Temple of Witchcraft tradition.


We are proud to present our favorite faerie music-makers, Elvendrums!

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